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The Hopewell Group of Companies is proud to announce its intention to bring together its residential land development and home building companies to form a unified new company to be named Hopewell Residential and lead by Lesley Conway, president of the newly created company.

This is the first step along a new path for Hopewell Residential Communities (HRC) and Sabal Homes and the newly-created Hopewell Residential will combine the organizations to create a singular, unified market force that will work together towards common goals and increased competitiveness.

The name is new and so is our energized outlook.

We have collectively built two strong organizations recognized as leaders in the industry and our intention is to build on that hard work. The larger Hopewell vision has always been a fully-integrated company engaging in the pursuit of residential market leadership, and the time is now to make it happen.

Today we bring together two outstanding companies who have common goals, common values and common passions which are all underscored by an unwavering commitment to quality, outstanding customer service, and an innovative product offering.

We're excited to build on the Hopewell Group of Companies legacy and create the kind of company people are proud of; that customers love; and that people want to do business with. We are building a stronger company better-positioned to lead the industry in growth and innovation and we're already looking for more great people to help us create a truly great company.

Join us. The time for change has come, and the time for change is now.

Stay tuned...

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